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Now support multiple tokens!
- a: account, t: token(s) (FINEX is a steem-engine token that I issued. It has no value. Buying it means donation.)

To support, please use @steemfinex and @hivefinex for low to zero fee STEEM/STEEMP and HIVE/HIVEP exchange


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* Any balance change may take up to 30 seconds due to Steem Engine API's delay. Any incorrect values are most likely due to Steem Engine API.

X (current: X)

You may usually want a multiplier > 1.

For instance, if only 1/3 of posts you vote is using this SCOT, you may want to set the multiplier to 3.

Memo (optional) waiting time in hours

- default: 5 minutes. max: 1 week (168 hours)
Enter number only
- e.g., "10" : 10 hours, "0.5": 30 minutes

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