Scotauto: Steem Scot Claim Automation

Scotauto claims all scot tokens (and steem reward) every 1-2 hour (frequency may be subject to change).
General instruction: 한글 설명은 아래에 나옵니다.

Automatic enrollment and membership status check is now enabled!

As explained in Scotauto automated sign-up and member status check will be introduced soon, now sign-up and membership status check is automatically done every 24 hours.

How to sign-up and maintain your membership?

May subject to change. Whenever you think @scotauto doesn't work for your accounts, please come here to see if there's any change. More ways will come soon (e.g., voting @scotauto, @steemfinex, @blockchainstudio, @gomdory's postings).

@steemfinex - low to zero fee (at most 0.25% and can even be zero!) STEEM/STEEMP Exchange that I made!
The longer you wait, the lower fee you get. It can even be zero! Using @steemfinex can support my free services such as @scotauto, @scotview, and so on.
Visit for details.

Authorize scotauto

(Using Keychain)

Alternatively, click on (Using Steemconnect)

Note: If you fail to authorize even with a valid key, it's highly likely that you've already authorized your posting right to too many dapps (max is 40). (See details here if you're interested: [suggestion] Increase max number of dapps that a user can use]

Anyway, in that case, to use @scotauto, you should revoke one of apps that you no longer use. Review dapps by visiting[yoursteemitid] and remove unused one. For instance, knacksteem or utopian was shut down while ago. You can remove knacksteem here: (change the last app name to the app you wanna remove)

Steem Scot Voting Power Viewer @scotview

You may also want to visit

How to support?

- Follow @blockchainstudio (or @gomdory) to increase upvoting. I don't think following service account such as @scotauto is so helpful at the moment, since there is some minimum to get upvoting from
- Vote @blockchainstudio, @gomdory, @scotauto's posts.
- Buy FINEX tokens at Steem Engine: (Note that FINEX token has no value. It's just for donation.) @gomdory is another free (in a certain community due to limited resources) service account, I'll make some contents of the report in English later.
- Use @steemfinex

scotauto 가입 및 회원자격 유지방법

기준은 변경될 수 있으며 보다 다양한 방법을 도입 예정입니다. 사용중지는 아래 툴을 사용하면 됩니다.
Powered by @blockchainstudio

To stop using scotauto (revoke scotauto)

Alternatively, click on (Using Steemconnect)

You don't need to notify me after revoking. Without your authorization, there is nothing for @scotauto to do with your account.